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SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. This analytical software is developed by SAS Institute for the purpose of business intelligence, multivariate analyses, data management, and predictive analytics. SAS was developed by North Carolina State University within the period between 1966 and 1976. During 1980s and 1990s SAS was further developed and some new features were added like new statistical measures, additional modules, and the introduction of JMP. During 2004, its version 9 was released and here a point-and-click interface was added. During 2010, A social media analytics product was added. SAS is an analytic software suite that can mine, change, cope, and recover data from an assortment of sources and execute statistical analysis on it. SAS offers a graphical point-and-click user interface for non-technical users and further advanced options via the SAS programming language. SAS programs consist of a DATA step that retrieves and operates data, typically making a SAS data set, and a PROC step, which analyzes the data completely and as a whole.

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