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The term financial economics refers to a school of economic study that analyses the use and the disbursement of resources in a market under an uncertain condition. Financial economics leans on economic theories to explain the uncertainties in markets, portfolio optimization etc. The trade- off between financial decisions is arrived with this study. A lot of forecasting is also done to predict the market forces and their interplay in the market movement. Efforts are made by the financial economist by creating and testing various models to explain the role and the movement of financial variables. The role of risk element in financial decision is profound and that is hugely debated and its effects are analyzed in order to arrive at risk aversive strategies and optimal outcomes from financial decisions.

Another characteristic of financial economic study is the focus on the monetary activities and the analysis of the same in terms of time, risk (uncertainty), option and information. Time looks at money from the future weight of the same. The uncertainty element is the amount of money that is to be transferred in a future period of time. The option is the affects of potential future transfers and information is the element that helps in taking correct decisions.

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